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Macrokill Sanitiser 5L

Macrokill Sanitiser 5L

SKU: 181142053137


Rant ECA Solutions (Pvt) Ltd has developed a new approach in sanitizing hands as well as areas frequently touched. MicroKill Biocide, a non-alcohol-based sanitizer, also kills 99.99% of infectious pathogens and it is unique compared to conventional products available. The active ingredient in MicroKill is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), a similar compound produced in human beings’ immune system which eliminates harmful germs from the body


    It is used wherever a neutral pH (corrosion risk) is needed. MicroKill Biocide (Sanitizer)  is extremely effective against a wide range of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, spores, moulds and fungi;


    • It has a high ORP (oxidation-reduction potential) value of between 700 and 900 mV, obtained thanks to the numerous oxidizing compounds present in large quantities but each with low concentration; this peculiarity allows Anolyte to have much greater efficacy than chloramines, sodium hypochlorite and most other disinfectant and sterilizing agents;
    • Thanks to the mixture of various metastable active ingredients of which it is composed, microKill Biocide eliminates the ability to adapt the microorganisms to its bactericidal effect, thus not allowing the developing resistance;
    • Has a low concentration of active oxygen and chlorine compounds, which guarantees absolute safety and non-toxicity to humans and animals, even after prolonged use of the MicroKill Biocide;
    • After its use, it degrades spontaneously without leading to the formation of toxic xenobiont (the synthesis products in biology);
    • Does not require any neutralization prior to disposal;
    • The solution leaves no taint or taste and there are NO safety precautions and accidental over dosage is harmless as the concentrated solution may be consumed.
    • No allergic reactions or eye protection is required.
    • MicroKill Biocide is completely safe for the use on food destined for human consumption. It is also effectively used in medical applications.
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