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MicroKill All Purpose Disinfectant

MicroKill 5L_v1
MicroKill Disinfectant
MicroKill Disinfectant2

General Description

MicroKill All-Purpose Disinfectant is a rapid-acting, broad-spectrum antimicrobial, non-alcohol-based bio security disinfectant. MicroKill All-Purpose Disinfectant is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-irritant and environmentally friendly.

  • The solution is absolutely safe for people even in case of contact with mucous membrane of eyes or gaster;

  • No further rinsing or washing of hands is needed;

  • Effective against numerous microorganisms, viruses, fungi;

  • Prevents microorganisms from developing resistance to MicroKill;

  • Forms no chlorinated organics or ethers in water;

  • Is categorized among 1 group of the most effective means;

  • Is categorized among 4 class of low hazard substances;

  • Segregates into low-mineralized water;

  • Destroys 99.999% of pathogenic agents including COVID-19.


MicroKill disinfectant is designed for wide use in the sphere of health care, water treatment, agriculture, food processing, manufacturing and others with the purpose to ensure safety of people’s lives and health.

  • Suitable for overall cleaning

  • No washing off and deactivation of treated surfaces are needed

  • Can be used for wiping in the presence of people

Suitable for disinfection of:

  • apartments, catering venues, staircases, public places - stations, markets, shopping centers,

  • surfaces and objects in the buildings of healthcare and social sphere

  • nursery schools, schools, sports facilities, water parks, inventory, toys, benches,

  • ambulance transport, vehicles for transportation of food and livestock goods,

  • public toilets, disinfection, deodoration,

  • enterprises of food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries,

  • laboratories,

  • rubbish bins, dumptrucks, work clothes,

  • medical waste


Ways of usage:

  • aerosol spraying

  • wiping

  • icing

  • immersion

  • fogging

"The disinfectant is safe for people"

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