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Our Team

Our team is comprised of professionals with many years of varied experience in the manufacturing, sales and distribution industries. Our philosophy is laser-like focus on the customer's needs.

Meet The Team


Solomon Madondo

A distinguished Industrialist, whose professional experience span over 3 decades in the following Industries: Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Mining and Smelting, Edible Oils, fats and Soaps, In household International Companies such as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, ...


Emmanuel M. Madondo

A dedicated professional with more than a decade of industrial experience in international marketing, sales and distribution. Emmanuel's experience is coupled with responsibilities which are inclusive but not limited to contract right ups; costing’s & risk management, ...


Andrew Mangwiro

A result oriented, ambitious and analytically-minded professional who has more than 7 years of work experience from various companies and in various capacities including Policy formulation, Enterprise Governance, Human Resources Management and ...


William T. Madondo

A young experienced, innovative and enterprise sharp thinker, whose experience span through various Information Systems field including: Systems development, Software and Hardware trouble shooting, IS Security and Audit, Systems Analysis, ...

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