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Dental Services

Dental Services

Throughout the history of medical practice, the dental profession has been one of the most at-risk groups due to close contact with patients, exposure to their aerosols and bodily fluids, and handling of many could be contaminated instruments. All of these increase the risk of infection. So what can you do to keep yourself, your dental practice, and your patients safe?


Oral instruments such as drills, ultrasonic scalers, and air-water syringes create a visible spray that contains particle droplets of debris, saliva, blood, and other microorganisms. MicroKill, a multi-use antibacterial broad spectrum disinfectant and sanitizer kills germs that can cause cross contamination, plus coronavirus, herpes, HIV, influenza, rhinovirus, MRSA, and more.


Care Homes

Care Homes

Care home settings serve a primarily elderly population with a diverse range of medical requirements. Care homes are unique in being both health-related institutions and people’s home

MicroKill All Purpose Disinfectants are ideal for Assisted Living and Acute Care Facilities. Powerful and versatile, they help to prevent transmission of harmful pathogens that often result in illness, hospital readmissions, and transfers.

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Theatres and Laboratories

Theatres and Laboratories 

MicroKill is a broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant that meets all health standard requirements. Disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize Surgical Units, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Rooms, Radiology, Labs, other specialized facilities and pediatric units from ceiling to floor safely and effectively.


Made with clean, clear ingredients, MicroKill is tough on germs, yet gentle enough to use on any hard, non-porous surfaces and pacifiers without rinsing.


Waiting Area

Waiting Areas

Healthcare facilities are associated with high patient and visitor turnover which can harbor pathogens that pose risks to patients and staff. Increase disinfection protocols safely and effectively in waiting rooms, nurses stations, and high traffic areas with our MicroKill disinfecting and sanitizing agent (SAZ-registered as 99.99% effective against E.coli, P.auruginosa and coronavirus, and other viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores).




Emergency vehicles and patient transports are exposed to a large number of pathogens. With an increased number of patients in transit due to Covid-19, curtailing the spread of this deadly virus is of paramount importance. Stop the spread of pathogens with MicroKill All Purpose Disinfectant and sanitizer that is lethal to germs, yet gentle on surfaces and human


Spa & Salon

Spa and Salon

Spas and salons offer a variety of different services ranging from massage therapy to nail treatments. A well maintained spa pool can provide many hours of enjoyment, but if not properly looked after, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and other organisms which may cause serious illness.

Any contact with contaminated spa pool water or aerosols can lead to: skin, ear and eye infections, gastro-intestinal infections and serious potential fatal respiratory infections such as Legionnaires' disease.

Proper disinfection with MicroKill kills harmful pathogens, and ensures a healthy environment

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