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Surface Disinfection

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Office Disinfection

Office disinfection

Rant ECA Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is proud to offer a locally and a more modern produced product containing stabilised Hypochlorous Acid to prevent the spread of all pathogens including Covid-19 virus. The solution manufactured has a strong and widespread disinfecting power and can be dispensed using ventilation, disinfection and sanitization systems (e.g. fogging apparatus, air-conditioning and handwashing stations) to prevent the spread of various infectious diseases.

Uses of MicroKill in schools and offices

  • Disinfection of surfaces, floors and walls

  • Disinfection in common areas, boardrooms,  meeting rooms and class rooms

  • Disinfection and odor reduction in toilets

  • Equipment disinfection

  • Hand sanitization

  • Sterilization of dishes and laundry


Staff room

Staff Room

Surface disinfection

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